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Knocking Down Brickwalls with AncestryDNA Testing

Knocking Down Brick-walls with AncestryDNA Testing

It's been 5 years since I posted about my genealogy adventures. A lot has happened. The family has grown by leaps and bounds. We've added a couple of grand children to the family tree.

The newest to arrive is our first grandson born on September 4th, 2014. The first born into the family who will carry on the Mobley surname one more generation.

I've recent done the AncestryDNA test in hopes of breaking down a couple of my genealogy brick walls.  I'm a bit disappointed .to say the least.

My closest connection with my AncestryDNA is a 5th cousin. There are a couple of matches but they don't have a clue how we are connected so I am sure I have been pushed to the back burning of their minds until maybe one day I may have some information that will help them.

One of the first connections I contacted did help me get back one more generation on my Jewish line. But I can only prove that through our DNA match and have not been able to find any documents to connect us. This would be my 4th great grandfather Abraham Moses b. abt 1765 London, England d. 25 Dec 1866 in Canterbury, England. His children ( Woolf, Priscilla, and Fanny, wife unknown) were born in or near Canterbury and he apparently has such a connection to Canterbury, London that he is named Abraham "Canterbury" Moses in a few Ancestry family trees.

Fanny (Feigel) Abraham is my 3rd great-grandmother. Her daughter Pauline Jacobson, my 2nd great-grandmother lists her place of birth as Prussia on all the census records. She also list the place of her parents births as Germany. This is an obvious conflict with Fanny Abraham's place of birth of England. Further research is needed.

If you are connected to these ancestors of mine feel free to check out my Ancestry Family tree.  I'd appreciate any help that you could offer. Or email me at flouronmyface (at)


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